Philipina Spiess (the next mystery!)

Several years ago I found a reference to a Philipina Spiess in the Germantown North Dakota Baptist Church records and also obtained her Naturalization papers. I remember at the time looking for her in the censuses, but I didn't have any luck, and I put her in my 'unidentified' file, and honestly, had forgotten about her. But in preparing for my trip to Germany, I again opened many of these files, and before I left for Germany, I wrote to North Dakota to obtain her death certificate to see if there was a clear relationship to any of our Spiesses. North Dakota wrote back stating they couldn't find her in any of their records.

When I returned home from Germany, I was perplexed by the 'many brothers and sisters' of Jakob that came to America around 1901, and I remembered Philipina, so she is my new project. 

This is what I know about her at this time:


From the Germantown Baptist Church records:

Philipina Spiess
Born 1844 in Stadlion, Galicia, Austria
Baptized May 1, 1878 in Lumcolanha, Romania
Died March 1911

From her 1st Naturalization Papers filed in Wells County dated March 25, 1896:

Born 1843 in Austria 
Arrived at the Port of New York in May of 1887
Witness, David Harris

From her 2nd Naturalization Papers filed in Foster County dated May 6, 1901

Witnesses, Richard Tenborg and Emil McMiller


I have not had any success identifying Stadlion, Galicia, or Lumcolanha, Romania.



10/30/2005 - I found a Philipina Spies in the 1910 Illinois census! She was in Altenheim, a German Baptist Old People's Home! I haven't found any history of this home, or how people came to be there, but I did order her death certificate. Altenheim still exists, so I will also call them to see if they have any of the old records.


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