Konrad and Anna (Putz) Spiess

UPDATE! October, 2009

I received a document via email from Arpad Shpis (a variation of Spiess). Arpad lives in the Ukraine, and found me via this web site. The document he sent me is titled :

Ortsfamilienbuch (Local History) Stadlo/Galizien 1786-1870

It can be found here: http://www.galiziendeutsche.sun.strefa.pl/img/historia_stadlo.pdf

I can't believe what it contains!! There is a Friedrich Spiess married to Christina Henk. They had 5 children; Peter, Katharina, Elisabetha, Philippina and Konrad! Although they are close, the dates don't exactly match up with what I have gathered from death certificates. And, Katharina's death certificate states her father was Johann and her mother was Katharina, but after going back and forth, I have no doubt this is our family!

Several things seem to prove this true. One being the document from the Germantown Baptist Church I found in North Dakota shows Philippina was born in Stadlon, Galicia, Austria in 1844. Coincidence? It also shows Katharina (Spiess) Helm was born in as Galicia in 1843. Although their birth years are off by one year, is this a coincidence? I don't think so, but I will continue to try to prove this. But if true, I just found 2 more generations, as the document shows Friedrich's father and mother as Heinrich and Elisabetha. AND, this would prove the connection to my German Spiesses, as Heinrich and Elisabetha also had a son name JOHANN JAKOB, born in 1825. Stay tuned!


Not much is known about Konrad, as the ship manifest I found for Anna lists her as a widow. The only reference I have to him in on Fred, Emil and Anna's death certificates and on Fred's Social Security Application.

Anna (Putz) Spiess came to North Dakota from Sulina, Romania in 1910 with her daughter Lydia, Lydia’s husband Joseph Neubauer, and their 8 children. Two of Joseph’s children, Karl and Christ were already in Martin.

The manifest from the President Lincoln, arriving in New York, August 4, 1910

(I also have the page that shows the Neubauers.)



Article from the Martin Searchlight                        Article from the Martin Searchlight

August 11, 1910                                                        October 13, 1910


Anna Putz Spiess died on February 7, 1923 in Martin, and is buried there. According to census', she lived her last years with Lydia and Joseph.

I also have quite a bit of information about the Putzes, and eventually I'll get it added here.

     BIRTH: 16 Jan 1845   PLACE: Stadlo, Galicia, Austria
     MAR.:                        PLACE: 
     DEATH:  DECEASED             PLACE: 
     BURIAL:                      PLACE:             
     FATHER: Friedrich SPIESS        MOTHER: Christina Margaretha HENK
     WIFE    Anna PUTZ
     BIRTH:   6 Jan 1847          PLACE: Radautz,Bukovina,Austria
     DEATH:   7 Feb 1923          PLACE: Martin,North Dakota
     BURIAL: 11 Feb 1923          PLACE: Martin,North Dakota               
     FATHER: Philipp PUTZ         MOTHER: Anna Maria HOLLERBAUM
      1. NAME: Frederich SPIESS                                            
         BIRTH:  12 Apr 1868          PLACE: Cahul,Austria
         MAR.:    6 Jun 1896          PLACE: Tulcea,Romania
         DEATH:  22 Oct 1945          PLACE: St. Paul,Minnesota
         BURIAL: 24 Oct 1945          PLACE: Oakland Cemetery St.Paul,Minnesota
         SPOUSE: Ecaterina (Kate) TROLLENBERG                    
      2. NAME: Lydia SPIESS                                                
         BIRTH:  1878                 PLACE: Romania
         MAR.:                        PLACE: 
         DEATH:  DECEASED             PLACE: St. Paul,Minnesota
         BURIAL:                      PLACE: 
         SPOUSE: Joseph NEUBAUER                                 
      3. NAME: William SPIESS                                              
         BIRTH:  10 Feb 1880          PLACE: Rolaf,Romania
         MAR.:                        PLACE: 
         DEATH:  1948                 PLACE: Corona,CA
         BURIAL:                      PLACE: Corona,CA
         SPOUSE: Mathilda BECTKEY                                
      4. NAME: Emil SPIESS                                                 
         BIRTH:  15 Sep 1883          PLACE: Galatz,Romania
         MAR.:   <1905>               PLACE: Martin,North Dakota
         DEATH:  24 Jun 1946          PLACE: Harvey,North Dakota
         BURIAL: Jun 1946             PLACE: Baptist Cemetery,Martin,North Dakota
         SPOUSE: Johanna KOST                                    

I have sources for most of these names, so if you need more information, feel free to email me!


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