Various Spiess Family Photos

The First Spiess Family Reunion, North St. Paul, Minnesota, 1994

Front (L-R), Bob Spiess, Jeanne Spiess, Ryan Spiess, John Ziebol, MaryJane Corbo Spiess holding Willie, Laurie Spiess, Leanne Spiess, Joan Lyon Spiess

Rick Spiess, Jake Jacobsen, Rock Pego, Betty Spiess Pego, April Spiess, Katie Jacobsen, Mark A. Ziebol,  Bill Spiess, Ed Spiess

 (Arne Spiess on his shoulders), Joseph Yazdani

Gayle Spiess Jacobsen, Donald Jacobsen, Howard Spiess, Karla Peterson Spiess, Keenan Spiess, Audrey Anderson Spiess, Mark Ziebol, Lynnda Spiess Ziebol


 Betty and Rocco Pego, 1998

(Notice Rock with his classic cigar!)

Betty's daughter, Roxanne, on

her wedding day to Jim Pense, June 1, 1985

(L-R) Roxanne, Jim, Rock Pego, Anne Deutsch Spiess, Ed Spiess' wife


Roxanne, Betty, Rock and Bob


Mary Jane and Bill Spiess

50th Wedding Anniversary, August 29, 1999

Laurie Spiess, Leanne Spiess-Yazdani and Willie, 1995


Donald R Spiess, Jeanne, Rick, 1995

Jim, Joan Lyon Spiess, Jeanne, 1998


Howard H Spiess, Gayle, Audrey, Lynnda, Mark Ziebol, 1998

Audrey, Howard, Gayle, Lynnda, Luanne


 Susan, Loren Ishler holding Thomas, Cynthia, Helen Spiess Ishler holding Loretta

Sylvia, Bill



                       Edward Louis Spiess

Edward Louis Spiess, Jr.

Edward Spiess Family, 1997

April, Arne, Sally, Crystal, Susan, JR, Jennifer, Christina, Howard

Nancy Aria Spiess


Bob and Faye Erickson Spiess

children: Keenan, Robbie, Jason, Ryan


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